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What is Oligio? Oligio lifting laser is a procedure that activates collagen in the dermal layer using Radiofrequency (RF) high frequency.

Applying heat to the dermal collagen helps to contract collagen and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen fibers.

Once the heat is transferred deep into the skin, you will get lifting and tightening effects.

You will see results immediately after the procedure, and collagen is gradually regenerated over two to three months to restore skin elasticity and improve fine wrinkles and skin texture.

The skin elasticity and treatment effect are maintained within about one year.

Oligio not only enhances the overall skin elasticity, but also, if you have large pores or a lot of fine lines, you can see your skin improvement through the Oligio Lifting procedure.

Although you can see the result with just a single treatment, it is often performed in combination with other treatments to solve different skin problems and anti-aging needs.

Who is the best candidate to get an Oligio lifting procedure?
  • Those concerned about the loss of skin elasticity
  • Those worried about nasolabial folds and double chin
  • Patients worried about drooping cheeks and jawline
  • Those that lack elasticity around the eyes
  • Patients that want to improve fine lines and pores
  • Those that want natural lifting without surgery
  • Those who have thin eyelids and a lot of fine wrinkles
  • Those who have droopy eyelids due to a lack of strength
  • Those that have an event and want WOW factor before their event

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