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Hair Restoration in Modesto

Half of all adults suffer from thinning hair after the age of 40. So is it time for hair restoration?

Hair Restoration in Modesto

Hair loss is not unique to you; millions of men and women experience hair loss. As we age, thinning hair can cause us to become self-conscious about how we wear our hair, often donning a hat. While stylish, wouldn’t it be nice to let your hair flow again?

Are you looking for a fuller and thicker head of hair?

Hair loss is now a thing of the past; with advancements in today’s medical technology, we’re able to restore your hair through non-invasive and nonsurgical treatments.

What is the Autologous Growth Factor For Hair Restoration?

The autologous growth factor for cellular regeneration is the injection of growth factors we can obtain from the patient’s blood. Through autologous growth factor injections, we can inject these growth factors into the scalp, reversing the shrinking hair follicles and promoting hair regrowth.

Autologous growth factor for cellular regeneration with hair restoration is a popular procedure because, unlike hair transplant surgery, we can regrow your thinning areas of hair through nonsurgical treatments. No Sedation, No downtime, and you can go home shortly after the procedure.

What are the benefits?

  • Safe and effective for all hair types and skin types
  • Creates fuller, thicker-looking hair
  • Pain and discomfort are minimal
  • Promotes hair follicle growth

What should you expect?

Blood will be drawn, and through a centrifuge, blood will separate into Platelet Rich Plasma.

Local anesthesia will be administered, so you don’t feel the injections.

The procedure will take less than an hour, after which you may go on with your day.

Expect multiple treatments to achieve desired results; touch-up treatments may be needed based on your results.

What are the results?

With autologous growth factors for cellular regeneration in hair restoration, the number of treatments will vary based on your level of hair loss. On average, patients see 2-6 treatments as necessary. You’ll notice new hair growth in 3-6 months after your procedure.

Autologous growth factor for cellular regeneration + microneedling for hair restoration

Depending on your level of hair loss, Dr. Grace Kwon-Hong may suggest using Microneedling autologous growth factor for cellular regeneration to increase your desired results. This is an advanced way to use autologous growth factors to treat areas of hair loss by revitalizing your hair follicles.

Microneedling is a process that creates thousands of minuscule punctures in the scalp. Unlike traditional autologous growth factor injections, Microneedling allows the autologous growth factor to penetrate these tiny holes enabling it to travel down to the hair follicles.

Like autologous growth factor, Microneedling autologous growth factor for hair restoration requires multiple treatments for desired results and may require touch-ups based on your response to the treatment.

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