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Dysport & Botox in Modesto

Reverse the aging process with Botox and Dysport treatments in Modesto at SkinRenew Laser & Cosmetic Surgery.

At SkinRenew, we provide Botox & Dysport treatments to Modesto and Central Valley patients.

Botox in Modesto, Dysport injections

Botox and Dysport – also known as botulinum toxin type A, is an injectable neurotoxin treatment that can be used for many cosmetic procedures. Botox and Dysport are commonly used to remove fine lines and wrinkles in the face by blocking nerve signals to targeted muscles, temporarily paralyzing the surrounding muscle at the treatment area.

What is a Botox and Dysport Cosmetic procedure like?

Come into our Modesto center and experience the simple,
10-minute treatment consists of a few tiny injections that most patients compare to the sensation of a bug bite. Overall, the discomfort is minimal and temporary. No anesthesia is needed. However, your doctor may numb the injected area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream before the treatment.

Is the Dysport & Botox procedure safe?

Botox and Dysport Cosmetic is a natural, purified protein administered at shallow doses. The effects are usually confined to the injected region. It does not travel throughout the body.

What can I expect after my Dysport & Botox treatment? Side effects?

Within a few days, a noticeable improvement in the injected site. Immediately following the procedure, you may notice slight bruising and swelling where Botox or Dysport get injected. This is only temporary and can be covered by makeup. We recommend local icing to minimize bruising and swelling. Most patients return to work or continue their activities immediately after the procedure. The most common side effects are headache, respiratory infection, flu syndrome, temporary eyelid droop, and nausea. Results may vary.

Will my facial expressions look unnatural?

Although the results are dramatic, they will not radically change your facial appearance. The muscles are relaxed, so you can still frown, smile, or look surprised without wrinkles and creases.

How long will the Dysport & Botox effects last?

The effects of Botox and Dysport usually last up to three months. SkinRenew patients that come in every three months pay a reduced loyalty price.