Anti Aging Study

Restorative Skin Cream Modesto

A recent anti aging study showed that bio restorative skin cream with psp significantly helps to reduce signs of skin aging. After only two months of twice daily use of bio restorative skin cream with psp, 83% of subjects showed improved appearance of wrinkles in eye area and 50% of subjects showed improved appearance of wrinkles in mouth area.

Recent studies suggest that aged or photo aged skin has the same needs as wounded skin, where growth factors and other cytokines interact synergistically to initiate and coordinate the wound healing response.

Human skin, like all other organs, undergoes chronological aging. In addition, unlike most other organs, skin is in direct contact with the environment and therefore ages as a consequence of environmental damage. The primary environmental factor that causes human skin aging is ultraviolet irradiation from the sum. This sun induced skin aging, like chronological aging, is a cumulative process. Aged and photo aged skin manifests in fine and deep wrinkles, loss of elasticity, loss of translucency as well as in color and pigmentation changes.

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