About Us

The desire to reverse the aging process has generated tremendous interest throughout history. Ancient texts describe the application of various substances to the skin in an attempt to rejuvenate the appearance. Cleopatra reportedly took milk baths (lactic acid) for their effect on the quality of her skin.

Today we have the benefit of many different options to help us achieve the appearance we desire. It may be a bit overwhelming to decide what is exactly right for you. You are invited to visit SkinRenew Laser Medical Center for a comprehensive skin evaluation to discuss your concerns for pursuing skin rejuvenation treatments.

During your initial consultation, your Physician will ask about your medical history, prior procedures, medications, allergies, and address your concerns for wanting to improve the quality of your skin.

After examining your skin, your physician will be able to offer advice and options to help you achieve the appearance you desire. Your physician will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the many different options that are available. Because no one treatment or combination of treatments is “just right” for everyone, here at SkinRenew Laser Medical Center, we feel it is extremely important to individualize your skin care regimen to meet your specific needs.

Grace Kwon-Hong M.D. is the leading Medical Aesthetic injector in the Central Valley. Dr. Kwon-Hong is an active member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgery, American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine & Board Certified by the American of Family Practice. 🌷