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The desire to reverse the aging process has generated tremendous interest throughout history. Ancient texts describe the application of various substances to the skin to rejuvenate one’s appearance. For example, Cleopatra reportedly took milk baths (lactic acid) for the quality of her skin.

Today, we have many options to help us achieve our desired appearance. However, deciding what is right for you may be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, you are invited to visit SkinRenew Laser & Cosmetic Surgery for a comprehensive skin evaluation to discuss your concerns about pursuing skin rejuvenation treatments.

During your initial consultation, SkinRenew professionals will ask about your medical history, prior procedures, medications, and allergies and address your concerns about wanting to improve the quality of your skin.

After examining your skin, SkinRenew professionals can offer advice and options to help you achieve your desired appearance. Our skin professionals will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the many options available.

Because no one treatment or combination of treatments is “just right” for everyone, here at SkinRenew Laser & Cosmetic Surgery, we feel it is essential to individualize your skin care regimen to meet your specific needs.

Grace Kwon, M.D. is the leading Medical Aesthetic injector in the Central Valley. Dr. Kwon is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgery, American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine & Board Certified by the American of Family Practice.

Dr. Kwon has raised three handsome young men. She is an empty nester and loves spending time with her fiance and sons when time allows. Dr. Kwon enjoys watching old movies, hiking outdoors, and visiting local restaurants when not working.

Myrna McKenzie is SkinRenew’s Clinic Manager. With over 20 years of experience in the Aesthetic Industry, Myrna was involved in the beginning stages of the Medical Spa evolution and has seen many medical spas come and go over the years. Myrna has been the Senior Clinic Manager at SkinRenew for 20 years.

She believes that three key factors make SkinRenew Laser & Cosmetic Surgery unique.

First is our cutting-edge new Aesthetic services and treatments that we continue to evolve. Myrna continues to push the limits and research new procedures and skincare to treat various skin conditions. She is SkinRenew’s leading skincare and treatment consultant. She is passionate about helping patients with their skincare and anti-aging needs.

Second is her vital customer service focus with a personal, intimate client experience. Myrna is proud of SkinRenew’s 21 years and their recent expansion of new lasers to help the growth of SkinRenew. She loves interacting with all the patients and looks forward to engaging personally with each visit.

Third is the staff she hires. Myrna is proud of the Medical Assistants and Aesthetician at SkinRenew. She is proud of her staff, who are the friendliest, most down-to-earth, and knowledgeable in SkinRenew’s treatments and services.

Myrna has raised two beautiful daughters. She is an empty nester and loves spending time with her husband and two daughters when time allows. Myrna enjoys walking, hanging out with friends, and visiting local restaurants when not working.

Cacie Stone is SkinRenew’s Medical Aesthetician. Cacie has been with SkinRenew for over eight years. Patients enjoy spending time reminiscing about life while getting a glorious skin treatment.

Cacie works closely with her patients, providing them with open, honest, and dependable treatment regimens that offer tangible results. Cacie believes it’s a treatment and a journey to become your best version. Cacie is dedicated to making her patients look and feel their best. 

SkinRenew patients rave about her customized corrective procedures, comparing her services to those of top-dollar resorts.

Cacie’s services are supercharged with a blend of Anti-Aging Botanical Enzymes, Age Defining Peptides, Growth Factors, and Antioxidants that provide immediate glowing results to make your skin feel and look deeply nourished.

Cacie’s recovery methods are loaded with Stem Cells, Peptides, Antioxidants, and Hyaluronic Acid, leaving skin radiant. 

In addition, her hydrating & lifting sculpting facial massage will restore the skin’s healthy glow. Cacie’s services get customized toward anti-aging, acne-prone, Rosacea, pigmented, or melasma skin!

Cacie enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs and visiting wineries and restaurants when she is not at work.

Call SkinRenew to schedule your next Fabulous Facial, Micro, Aqua Hydrafacial, Dermal-Stamping, Corrective Peel, MicroNeedling, MicroChanneling, or Oxygen Treatment. You will not be disappointed!

Cacie is available Monday-Friday from 930am-5pm

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